Saturday, April 9, 2016

For Lori! - The Kessel Run

This run was for Lori. Thanks for the donation, your kindness is going to help kids that wouldn't get the chance go to YMCA Camp Miller. Better still, they will go in memorial of Ty Taylor, a great friend that left us too soon. If anyone else would like to donate, please click here -

"Fast ship? You've never heard of the Millennium Falcon? It's the ship that made the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs."

Attribution by Doug Kline

Today's run was the Kessel Run. A pictographic run based on the shape of the Millennium Falcon. Created in November of 2013, run for the first time in April of 2014, the famous route made it's way back into my training plan this year.

The first time it was run, it was just Bernie and I. Today, I think 16 people started together. Some peeled off along the way, but 11 finished the 11 mile route! I'm so grateful to be a part of the AES Running Group. Having company on runs is the best!

Read the original post about the 2014 run here. Then read a post from a few days later that talks about coming across a runner that none of had met that was trying to emulate the route!

To avoid redundancy in the post, I'll mention another funny story about this route and then talk about two of the amazing coincidences that make this just about the best route EVER.

A friend sent me a screengrab from Strava with the message, "I feel like this is up your alley. It makes the world a happier place." I replied back, "I made that." It was another great moment of honor for my design runs. To know that others out there are finding my routes and doing them, is really fun to think about. Also, I won a pair of YurBuds headphones on MapMyRun in a route art contest for this run!

The fact that the roads in Delhi are perfect for drawing this route should be enough. But when you consider that the roads on this route are paired to Star Wars connections, it becomes somewhat riddled by the force. 

The first diagonal street coming out of the cockpit is called Akbar Road. Now of course, Akbar Road is named after the third Mughal emperor of Dehli, Abu'l-Fath Jalal ud-din Muhammad Akbar. Or simply, Akbar the Great. Now of course, this is a Star Wars-themed run, so the first Ackbar that comes to mind is Admiral Ackbar. You know, the Mon Calamari that was running the Battle of Endor where Lando and Nein Nunb were flying the MILLENNIUM FALCON!


I thought that was the only coincidence, but luckily, Tom (a true Star Wars Geek) was along for the run and reported to me that the second diagonal is named Ashoka. Of course this road is named for Ashoka Maurya, also named Ashoka the Great (what important roads!). Or is it? Ahsoka (clever respelling Star Wars, clever) is featured prominently in the Star Wars Legends cartoons as the Padawan to none other than Jedi Knight Annakin Skywalker.


The run itself was great, of course. With so many people out pushing their limits, it was an uplifting and positive run. The fact that my bluetooth headphones conked out on this run brings my YurBuds back into use. Another coincidence?

Thank again to the team for a great run and to Lori for donating!

Distance: 11.12 miles
Duration: 1:41:04

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