Wednesday, May 21, 2014

For Faze!

The donations have poured in over the past two days, and I'm determined to give each of my generous and supportive donators a dedicated run. My plan was to do it in the order they came in, but today something special happened and I had to switch gears.

One donation came with a request - "think goats, negative splits, and a Ty inspired playlist"

I wasn't planning on dedicating this run to Faze, but when I saw this, I knew I had to whip out my camera and change my dedication plan.

Look Faze. Goats!

Sorry, the playlist wasn't Ty-inspired, but one will be soon; it's a great idea.  Splits? Again, I wasn't planning on this being your run, but they came close-ish to negative splits.

Except for that ugly Mile 4 - almost fully negative splits.

Faze's request for negative splits may very well be due to the fact that like Jess, she's a member of Team Tinto. Remember, Team Tinto - "Kiss my shiraz!" Stay tuned to the blog in July for Fueled by Fine Wine 1/2 Marathon updates.

The run today was a five miler variation of the Dhobi run. A dhobi is a launderer and this run passes through a dhobi colony near school. The dhobis live together, collect laundry from their clients, head back to the colony and wash, dry and iron the clothes. If you get there at the right time of day, the run passes through hundreds of meters of clothes drying on the lines. It's a cool sight.

Ted joined me and we had a good strong run. Yesterday, Ted broke the Nehru Loop record. By a lot. It's going to be tough to beat. I'll keep my word from May 13's pledge post, though. Give me a good pledge and I will do everything I can to break the record to collect the pledge from you! Although Ted is tall, strong and fast, he's not a big fan of monkeys. In fact, they might be his only kryptonite. He has requested no monkeys on all runs, but today as we were passing one on my side, Ted started edging me toward it. Thinking he was just being cruel, I let him know that I wasn't too keen on getting that close. That's when he informed me (looking straight ahead) that it was because of the two monkeys on his side. "Be brave, be brave..." Narrowly escaping rabies, we continued on. The next animal encounter was with a dog that tried barking at us, but sounded like it had been smoking cigarettes all night long. He just wasn't selling it.

The final stretch home is another course and Ted managed to break that record too. You know, maybe I shouldn't have taught Ted about MapMyRun courses...or maybe I need to pick up the pace and take some records back. Challenge accepted. I'll consider it Team Tinto interval training.

This run belongs to my dear friend Faze!

I'm dedicating runs to raise money for a campship in memory of our friend Ty Taylor at YMCA Camp Miller. Click here or here to donate. Please make sure you choose the Ty Taylor Campship option. And please let me know if you've made a donation so I can thank you!

Distance - 4.98 miles
Time - 38:39
Soundtrack - Architecture in Helsinki, In Case We Die

One more animal reference (what's the deal with all of the wildlife in the city?) - today's run might be retooled into a route that becomes called the Squirrel ___ Miler. See for yourself.

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