Saturday, June 15, 2013

A Missing Boardwalk

A run to the sand for the people in the land of sand! Thanks to Jonathan, Sara, Lucy and #2 for the donation. It means a lot.

This run was all about salty air, longboards, beach cruisers, a missing boardwalk and regrowth. It was the only run in Long Beach that I managed to get up the motivation for, due to the kind donation from Skweebs and the kiddos. We were in NY for a few days visiting the in-laws and I had meant to do more runs, but this year has been tough. There are a few reasons for my lack of motivation this year.

1. New baby means less sleep and more desire to stay home.
2. Having finished two 1/2 marathons now, I know what to expect.
3. Breaking my PR really necessitates true hard work, focused on speed training.

With this in mind, my spirits have been low. My times on the Minnesota routes have all been lower this year than they were last year. I know my training has been more slack this year, and I'm beating myself up about it. Getting out the door has even been harder, with me giving up on training runs before they even start.

Visiting New York was tough, because of the memories associated with the twins' birth. This visit we were back in Kate's parents' house, which was gutted the last time we were there. They've been rebuilding after Hurricane Sandy and being back in the house helped restore some normalcy to the visit.  The day I finally headed out on a run, I chose some silly music and took off. It was a beautiful day and it was nice to see new things on my run. The sea air hit me the minute I was on my way and I felt great! People were everywhere, on their way to the beach with their giant cruiser bicycles, longboards and beach gear. A sad reminder of last year's hurricane hit me when I got the beach. The boardwalk is still missing, so I had to settle for a run along the beach on the nearest street instead. The Boardwalk will be rebuilt, Kate's parents' house will be as good as new and I'll realize that even if I don't do as well this year, it will still be a race well-run because I've managed to raise a lot of money for an organization that helped my family rebuild. Thanks everyone.

ps. My pace on this run was great-maybe I shouldn't panic yet.

Distance - 5 miles

Time - 35:28
Soundtrack - Cypress Hill, Black Sunday

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