Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Just a Little Bit

You should consider a $15 donation today.

Why $15? I'm asking for $15 donations today to honor the 15 days that my son Ellis was with us. He was small, less than 4 pounds, but his spirit was huge. His tenacity to hang on for much longer than expected proved that small doesn't matter. When I need just a small boost on a run, like Friday's record 5K for example, I think of Ellis and I get the boost I need. Small donations are also huge, especially when added together. Please think about it.

Why today? Because it's almost go time. The race is in 11 days. I'm planning a big, long 13 mile training run tomorrow, so some donations would serve as nice motivation.

Thanks again to all of my dear friends who have donated already. I love you all very much and appreciate your generosity. Now I Lay me Down To Sleep is a great organization and it deserves your help.

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